331/63. Henry John Burnett, Capital Murder. Death

Extracts from Special Watch Occurance Book.

4.8.1963 Visit from two sisters, Mrs M Smith and Miss Sheena Burnett.  Sister Mary asked him to appeal for his mother’s sake, replied he wouldn’t, she asked again who cleaned the fingerprints off the gun, he said he didn’t know. Conversation went on to family and how they were all bearing up. Sister Mary again asked him to Appeal, he still refused, and said there would be no more visits after Sunday (next).

4.8.1963 Prisoner very depressed.  Played cards and listened to Radio. He appeared to cheer up as time went on.  It appears that his reason for not appealing is that, it would be 14 days longer to wait for the sentence to be carried out.

A. McGillivray Officer

A. Pirie Officer

4.8.1963 Prisoner spoke about his sister wishing him to Appeal.  Also Sister in Law, getting a visit from her next Sunday.  He said (he wondered if he would crack up on the last day).  The he changed the subject and spoke of the money and good times he had had at sea on Drifters.  Also spoke about being up on the Faroes in them.  He seemed to be cheerful in recalling these times.

E Bissett Officer

A Duncan Officer

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