331/63. Henry John Burnett, Capital Murder. Death

Extracts from Special Watch Occurance Book.

I have to refer to telephone communication with Mr Davison today regarding authority for Mrs Guyan to visit the above named prisoner. I contacted the Welfare Officer, Mr Meiklejohn and asked if he would be prepared to contact Mrs Guyan and bring her along to the prison for the purpose of this visit.  This was done immediately and Mrs Guyan brought up to the prison.  She was taken back to her home immediately after the visit.

No incident occurred during the visit and there was no publicity in this matter.

He has made a further request to see Mrs Guyan on Wednesday next.? What is the position please.

Joseph Maison C.O. i/c.

2.8.1963 Visit by Mrs M Guyan (murdered man’s wife) with Welfare Officer Meiklejohn. P.O. Fraser in attendance.

Exchange of talk about families.  Prisoner told Mrs Guyan to destroy letter which she had received from him,  Asking why W.O. Was in presence at visit. Was told, she, Mrs Guyan, had been driven up by him. Inquiring about taken in photos. Answered.

Mrs Guyan replied to letter sent by prisoner this morning. Prisoner asked if Mrs Guyan handled gun, she replied, “Yes I took it from you.”

Burnett asked Mrs Guyan if she is going to new employment. Thinking of taking employment somewhere south.

Mr Meiklejohn was in presence during whole of visit which ended at 12.30pm. Prisoner very cheerful after visit.

F.S. Parker Officer

C. Riddoch Officer

2.8.1963 Prisoner very cheerful indeed and told us about his visit from Mrs Guyan and how happy he was because he saw her.  Said he hoped she got in again.

He received a further visit from his brother and sister-in-law and returned very cheerful. Visit conversation was mainly on family matters and brothers work. Except, brother asked who cleaned fingerprints off the gun, “Prisoner said he didn’t”. Talk of the petition and number of names on it.

Remarked that consealed doors were more solid than they were before. Said somebody must have fixed them.  Prisoner said he was going to get into bed and sleep tonight, said he felt better after that visit with Margaret, (Mrs Guyan).  Prisoner very cheerful indeed.

A. McGillivary Officer

G. Pirie Officer

 2.8.1963  Prisoner spoke about his visit from Mrs M Guyan and said “He hoped to have another visit from her soon.  No games were played, prisoner lay on bed reading till he fell asleep.  Very little conversation was held before he slept.

E. Bissett Officer

J. Duncan Officer

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